Who we are

We are a family company, pioneer in Spain in the development and supply of laying, protection, signaling and sealing solutions for energy and telecommunications networks.

For more than 25 years, we have been advising engineering, construction and installation companies, electricity companies and telecommunications operators in the design and execution of new generation pipelines, from intelligent energy networks with the incorporation of fiber optic lines to conventional power lines, the new FTTH telecommunications networks laid using micro-trenching and micro-tubing techniques, or the new networks arising from the renewable energy revolution, among many others.

Always attentive to the latest European trends and innovations in materials, our goal is to help our customers by providing our long experience, as well as the widest range of products on the market.

We are committed to continuous improvement, both in the collaboration with the best European suppliers and in the design of new products according to the needs of our customers, in order to ensure a subsequent operation of the networks with maximum performance and guarantees, both in efficiency and durability.

Providing experience, alternatives, solutions, answers in short for the new subway lines.

Providing experience, alternatives, solutions and answers for new subway lines.
We want to participate in the construction of new modern, efficient and safe networks that will last over time with maximum guarantees. This is our commitment.

Because we believe in things well done.


Our vision

In a world where communications and energy are increasingly intertwined in our daily lives, modern business and communication services networks play a key role in building our future society.

Layegas’ mission is to help you take advantage of the opportunities this reality offers by providing you with the best solutions, applications and products to protect your cable network investment for the long term. In this regard, we envision a future with:

The development of “smart energy networks” that have a closer relationship with the user, both as a consumer and producer of energy.
The expansion of decentralized energy systems interconnected to the grid.
Continued growth and development of sustainable energy generation and the promotion of electric mobility.
A significant transformation in the way we work and live, driven by the development of high-capacity data networks, such as fiber optics and mobile communication.

Our experience

With over 25 years of experience and expertise as a supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of products to protect your subway cable network investments, Layegas prides itself on its motto: “Guide, Protect, Seal and Connect”.

In the coming years, we will work alongside you and your organization to:

Ensure the long-term quality of your subway cable and conduit network.
Continue to develop products and services to meet the future needs of your networks.
Protect your investment in power and fiber optic networks.

Our solutions

We offer the widest range of accessories for conduits, from separators to configure prisms of any type, materials for signaling, location and protection of lines, microtubes/microtubes for telecommunications, cable and tube sealing systems, products for laying and mandrelling, etc. For this reason, our customers include energy transmission and distribution companies, municipal companies, construction companies, installers, telecommunications operators and all kinds of industries. LAYEGAS products can also be found in numerous stores specializing in building materials and civil engineering. Architects, planners and private builders also rely on our experience and competence. To these we offer the right solution for their special challenges, either from our extensive product range or as tailor-made products.

Our solutions guarantee:

The ability to “Connect, Seal and Protect” your subway cable and duct infrastructure.
Contribute to the safety and efficiency of your network.
Comply with new requirements for cable, fiber optic and commercial networks.
Keep us and our customers at the forefront of the industry.

Research and Development at your Service

At Layegas, we remain at the forefront of the development of products and services that impact your daily life. This allows us to offer effective, unique and intelligent solutions that adapt to the demands of a constantly evolving industry.

Our Research and Development team will be happy to collaborate with you to analyze your needs and develop products that will ensure the security and efficiency of your network in the future. We look forward to the opportunity to contact you soon!